Thesis Wordpress Theme

Looking for a good Premium Wordpress Theme for your blog? I've got a recommendation to make... try Thesis Premium Wordpress Theme.

What's Thesis Premium Wordpress Theme?

Thesis WordPress ThemeThesis Wordpress Theme is the best Wordpress theme optimized for search engines. You should know that search engines are the best sources of traffic online. According to studies, traffic from search engines are the best to monetize. Hence, it is important that you consider search engine optimization in your blog. The best way to start optimizing your blog for search engine is to start it with your Wordpress theme.

If you are wondering why you get little traffic from search engines despite the many posts you've already published... then it's about time you check on your Wordpress theme. The problem is probably with your "UNOPTIMIZED" Wordpress theme and if you don't act now, you'll be losing tons and tons of traffic.

I'm a satisfied user of Thesis Wordpress Theme designed by the Wordpress Theme god... Chris Pearson. I'm also confidently recommending it to anyone who want to buy the best SEO'd Wodpress Theme. My index rate with Google (number of page indexed by Google) has increase since I've used Thesis. Right after using Thesis Wordpress Theme, the number of pages indexed by Google go up to over 70 from 21 pages.

Why Thesis Wordpress Theme?

1. Thesis Wordpress Theme is the best Search Engine Optimized Wordpress Theme.
2. Lifetime upgrade and support. (No additional payment necessary to access the updated version.)
3. Thesis Wordpress Theme doesn't require you to be knowledgeable to html, css and php. Anyone from code geeks to newbees can actually use it.
4. Easy customization.
5. Helpful Support community.
6. Elegant design.
7. Publish like a PRO with its styling features.
8. Exciting future updates. (You can even suggest what you want to see in the coming updates).
8. Of course, it's another work of Chris Pearson so expect only the best.

What are you waiting for? Head over to Thesis Wordpress Theme and grab yourself a copy....

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How to Drive Website Traffic Using StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a second generation website that allows its users to discover interesting web pages and sites without doing a search in a search engine. You install a tool bar in your browser and channel surf the web by clicking a button on the tool bar.

You sign up at StumbleUpon website and list your interests. When you click on the surf button in your browser tool bar, you are randomly directed to a webpage that matches your interests. If you like the contents or the website offerings, you can tag the page and give it a thumbs-up. If you don't like it, simply ignore the site or give it a negative vote, a thumbs-down, if you feel the site has employed some trickery to draw your attention.

You can also use the StumbleUpon tool bar for social bookmarking. When you find a new and interesting webpage, you can tag it and share it with others. Click the Send to button in the StumbleUpon tool bar to send the webpage you are on to a friend in your StumbleUpon network.

It is possible to get a massive amount of traffic from StumbleUpon. If you have an interesting or useful article, blog page, or an entire site, you can include it in StumbleUpon. If lots of StumbleUpon users thumbs up your page, you will get a large amount of traffic in a very short time period.

Besides a sizable number of thumbs-up by StumbleUpon users, there are other factors that help drive traffic to a site in StumbleUpon. The number of StumbleUpon friends, the type of friends and their profiles, the number of sites you have stumbled, and the number of reviews you have gotten in the past all determine traffic volume to your site. Another factor is the broad tagging of your article by other StumbleUpon users.

What are the other benefits of being stumbled besides a short-time traffic surge? Your website will get exposure and many visitors will comeback regularly. If your site is a blog, you will instantly increase your reader base. You will also get numerous backlinks from other StumbleUpon users who run websites.

To increase the repeat visits by StumbleUpon users, your site should have a professional design, in-depth contents, richly blended ads, and a memorable URL.

StumbleUpon users like video, humor, and web 2.0 sites. However, the monetization potential from StumbleUpon users using affiliate or contextual ads like Google Adsense is very low because these users are very fickle and want to click to the next site using the StumbleUpon button in their tool bar.

Like any social network, your goal should not be to use the system for driving traffic only to your site. Stumble other high quality and useful sites for others to benefit from information you posses. Develop a good online social network using StumbleUpon, share websites with others and have fun.

Dr Deepak Dutta, creator of oldest online free classified site, has launched to help website owners build links and increase traffic using MySpace type free pages and Digg style free submissions.


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The Secret Of Writing Successful Business Letters

The business letters help communicate with business acquaintances just like the other popular mode of communication but with a major difference. Business letters go down in a transaction, as having evidenced whatever matter of relevance, being communicated. But on a normal business day, a business letter puts on record facts and figures which can be referred later unlike what telecommunication does.

The Basics of Writing an Effective Business Letter
To get to the basics, you must understand that business letters are bound by sort of unwritten regulations of which, some are specific to the type of letter you are writing. Point number two: Business letters are always written on the organizations? letterheads. Three: The language used must be formal regardless of the occasion and matter.

Address the person by titles like Dear Mr., Dear Ms. Director; General Manager, if you don?t know their names and it is fine to use their names when you know. The title Ms., is an important one to watch since you can?t write Miss or Mrs., unless you know for sure.

Then there is the section on reference on which you are writing; give a subject title to your letter indicative of the body of your letter.

Blogging tips begin the matter by explaining your intentions to write and straight away come to the body. For example, you can begin with ??I am writing to enquire about?? if this is a general or a purchase enquiry letter. For communicating discrepancies, begin something like ?We are deeply disappointed to see your fax message regarding ... treating the ....? continuing the letter, you can suggest or state in definitive words, as the case may be, ?We demand a complete refund of?? or ?Our management has decided to return the consignment for??

The closing remarks must be in their formal best. While thanking the reader, you can end it like, yours sincerely, in case you have addressed the letter to none in particular, and then thanking by yours truly is appropriate.

Secret of Business Letter Writing
Business letters are also documental evidences apart from being tools of communications. The language, the tone and the format always remain broadly same regardless of the relation you share with the person whom you are writing to.

The business letter drafter must be communicating the matter in full awareness of the subject matter and the eventual consequences of writing it. A wrong or omitted statement could severely deal a blow (Missed skill in your job application, for example.) Make use of common sense and internet guides, if needed.

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MLM: Turning a Profit on Your Investment

When we commence our MLM business, we are preoccupied with the thoughts of money making within a short period. But many hopes which we build in the air, are baseless and falsifying. Let's do a short study to know what a businessman requires to do before we come to know how to generate income quickly. Surf the internet websites to have the phone contacts of the franchises like blogging tips, McDonalds, GNC, Subway or a Verizon Wireless store. Ring those franchises up to get an idea of the time period required to get profit from your business. It is guaranteed that the answer must be more than two years; even some replies will be three or four years.

Ask the same question to any buddy of yours who is the proprietor of a construction business, convenient store or a nail salon, if you are reluctant to ask the franchises. You will get the same reply.

You can now argue that network marketing business is different. But it is a crazy idea to expect profit peeping out at the end of a week. If we don't think this way, we go ahead and think childishly that our company or sponsor is the culprit.

A survey done recently about a high traffic home business blog unveiled the result given below....the question was how quickly you are capable of turning a profit in MLM business.

1st month - 25%
2nd-3rd month - 44%
3rd-1year - 19%
1year-2 years - 15%
2-3 years - 0%

So the result shows that over 2/3 of the people polled think that they will be able to turn a profit within or less than 3 months. The real picture is different - less than 10% are capable of turning a period within that short period. Sometimes we get informed that many big MLMers see money as soon as they enter into a company. It is possible if those MLMers have brought lots of new recruits with them at the time of joining the business. An average networker like me and you and like the 95 % of MLMers should focus on the 3 months to a year category.

A new MLM business is quite different from a new franchise business. The former doesn't require a couple of years or more to turn a profit like the latter. Still not expecting anything before 3 to 12 months will relieve you from stress. The first 5 months should be used in covering the cost of monthly autoship product which is around $100, cost of buying leads or marketing which is around $100-200 each month. You make profit when your residual income is more than the money involved in marketing and autoship. But it will be foolish to think of recovering your capital in the business.

In short, you have to be pragmatic and practical. Remember that business is an unpredictable venture. You never know about the future. So instead of pondering over the thoughts of quick money making, work diligently to be showered with money in the future days! God bless you.

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Do You Want to Know Why Blogging is so Popular?

If you haven't heard of blogging, you are probably living under a rock. There are many reasons why blogging is so popular these days, but the biggest reason is probably that blogging is so simple, and so accessible to everyone. Blogging Tips. Everybody wants to be heard - no matter who they are or what they think. We all have thoughts and opinions - and we are finally able to express those thoughts and opinions!

In the past, only people who understood the in's and out's of creating a website were able to get their thoughts, opinions, feelings, or interests in print. Now, anyone with access to a computer with an Internet connection can be set up and blogging in five minutes flat. If you don't have a computer in your home, you can visit your public library and blog. You can visit your friend's house and blog. You can go to an Internet caf? and blog. Students even blog from their computer classes during school hours! Everybody can blog, and that is why blogging is so popular today.

Blogging does not require a website. A domain name is not required. You do not need to know how to set up a webpage. All you need to know is how to type - and if you can even do that with two fingers - 'search and peck style' - you can blog. It really is that simple. If you want to set up a blog, just visit a site like Blogger at and set up a free account. It takes less than five minutes.

The wide variety of uses of a blog is another reason why blogging is so popular. If you want to keep a personal journal, you can do so with a blog. If you want to set up a way to keep family members in touch, a blog provides the answer. If you need to keep employees up-to-date on projects or company news, again a blog can provide you with a very simple, very fast way to do it. Visit Blogger and surf around and take a look at the things that people blog about! Every topic that you can imagine is there!

Blogging has become what newsgroups used to be - only instead of being accessible only through a newsreader or email blogs are accessible with any web browser, on any computer system that has an Internet connection - no membership required, and no fees to pay - unless you choose a blogging service that is fee based.

People who were unknown and unheard yesterday have a huge following today. People are interested in other people's thoughts and opinions - and even in the day-to-day events in their lives. As a global society, blogs offer us yet another method for sharing and exchanging information - no matter what the topic is.

Individuals have even learned to make money with their blogs. You can sell ad space if your blog is popular. You can also sign up with some of the blog advertising networks to find advertisers. Google AdSense is a popular way to profit from blogs. Another option is to promote affiliate products and services that are related to the content of your blogs. Some people have even figured out how to earn a living with their blogs! Is it any wonder why blogging is so popular?

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    Link Building Services Help to Obtain Page Rank and Web Traffic

    It is the act of making other websites link to your site allowing flow of traffic. It is one of the ways of making a website stand out in the web. Our company provides link building services to obtain quality external inbound links through various link building campaigns.

    We realize that link popularity is the way to expand the popularity of the site and help the site get indexed for higher search engine rankings. The foundation of any link building campaign is to get links from authority websites. Our link building services includes obtaining links from quality, relevant and niche sites for our clients’ sites.

    • We provide directory link building services that can boost traffic to your site and literally increase your position in major search engines. We can assure you of submitting your site’s URL to niche and relevant directories.
    • Our press releases submission services include publishing press releases to different PR sites so as to bring out the updated news regarding your site to the online readers. We are also in the service of writing press releases for you to let your message spread across the web.
    • With our article marketing service we submit articles, either written by you or by our content writers, to different article sites. This kind of link building campaign can help to virtually increase traffic to your site.
    • Business blogging is another way of link building practice. As blogging is considered as the way to share your views online you can use our business blogging service to develop business blogs and communication with the customers.
    • Our link building service manages quality links for your site from related and reputed sites. These kinds of links include both one-way and reciprocal link building.

    Link building is significant as they boost traffic, increase the page rank and ranking in SERPs as well. However, care should be taken to perform the task carefully and effectively. With our link building service you will get continuous observation on your site’s performance in the search engines.

    Search engines consider quality external inbound links to be votes or recommendations for the site. Our credible link building service can increase your site’s popularity in World Wide Web and hence, meet your expectation of online business.


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